Parish Leadership Summit 2023

This very weekend on Saturday, we gather several parishioners in what we describe as a Parish Leadership Summit. We prayerfully reflect upon our Parish Mission and Vision Statements as a foundation for our continuing to strengthen our parish as a community of missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our Mission Statement is meant to be a living, engaging, and energizing description of who we are and especially why we do what we do:
We are a welcoming Catholic community, called together by Jesus Christ
and guided by the Holy Spirit to live and share the love of God in our parish and in our daily lives.
In addition to clarifying what we are called to be and do in the here and now as a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to have a dream, to be inspired and motivated by a vision of what we are yet called to become. Our Vision is: We will be a vibrant Catholic parish that fosters lifelong faith formation, evangelization, and community outreach, centered in a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.
Fundamental elements of our Parish Vision expand upon answering the most significant question – Why does the church/our parish exist? Here are a few of the “Whys” I offered. These are not meant to be written in stone or exhaustive. We exist:
  • To evangelize – to welcome people into a relationship with God that will become the fundamental lifelong influence in their lives.
  • To form and develop disciples – calling people to an initial and lifelong encounter with Jesus Christ grounded in Scripture and our Catholic Tradition. Jesus spent his entire public ministry encountering individuals and inviting them to discipleship.
  • To motivate people to an ongoing transformation through their openness to the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.
  • To form missionary disciples who are inspired and equipped to share Jesus Christ in conversation, in example, and in action – especially in their daily life ministries at home, work or school, and wider community involvement.
  • To partner with the Lord as missionary disciples, in sharing his inclusive love with others and transforming the world around us according to Gospel values of integrity, compassion, justice, and peace.
  • To discern, mobilize, and further develop leaders, centered in Jesus Christ, to be keepers, promoters and influencers of our living this Parish Vision.
  • You will soon be informed of the specific ways all of us together can further live out our Parish Mission and Vision


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