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Parish Commissions

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Commissions

We invite you to explore and learn more about the various commissions of St. Vincent de Paul Parish. These, along with our organizations and ministries, are the cornerstone and fabric of the vibrant parish life of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and how we can best serve our parish community and the community around us.



Educate/form parishioners in a deeper understanding and experience of various liturgies, especially the celebration of the Eucharist. Focus upon liturgical preparation, art, and environment, ongoing formation of liturgical ministers: musicians, ushers, greeters, lectors, and servers.


Develop among parishioners a desire to deepen their understanding and commitment to our Catholic Christian faith as a set of beliefs and a way of life, fostering a recognition that lifelong spiritual growth is the foundation of our entire lives and parish community. Foster the development and oversight of parish renewals, missions, retreats, prayer experiences, devotions, and spiritual direction opportunities. Create ways to integrate spiritual growth experiences into various parish organizations, meetings, and events. Within this component are the PSR program, RCIA, family religious formation, adult faith opportunities (including work-life), and youth ministry. Encourage people to consider the priesthood, the diaconate, religious life, and lay leadership.


Form active Catholics to better live and share their faith in daily life. Outreach to inactive Catholics – especially youth and young adults, parents of the school and PSR students, former parishioners, and unchurched, people in the surrounding neighborhood. Involvement in area ecumenical and interfaith endeavors.


Deepen within parishioners the desire and ability to reach out to people hurting in their daily lives. Foster outreach to hospitalized, homebound, nursing home residents, lonely, caregivers, grieving, divorced or separated, addicted, those with physical or mental disabilities, immigrants, poor/hungry, and others who feel marginalized, such as gays and lesbians.


Educate parishioners on social justice issues and ways they can advocate and act on specific peace and justice concerns within their daily relationships, work, and community involvement. Emphasize the Consistent Ethic of Life from conception to natural death. Includes current concerns such as abortion, euthanasia, healthcare, immigrants, violence and war, care for the environment, growing income inequality, un/under-employment, death penalty, global solidarity, local housing, and neighborhood development.


Assist parishioners to develop a sense of stewardship – sharing their time, talent, and treasure as a way of life in the parish and in their overall life. Develop ways to involve people in various parish ministries, organizations, and short-term projects based on their specific gifts Provide opportunities for formation, support, and evaluation. Strengthen a sense of community among parishioners.


Enhance various means of parish communication. Further develop parish website, newsletter/email newsletter, and other forms of communication, including social media to communicate within the parish and beyond our worship experiences, faith formation opportunities, and parish activities.


Bring together and enrich families, including youth and young adults, in ways that foster vital, and faith-based family life. Learn and respond to various needs of families and youth within the parish and school. Increase their sense of belonging and involvement in the parish. Provide various programs, fun activities, workshops, and retreats that families would be interested in.